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Yuba Mundo LUX Cargo Bike

Yuba Mundo LUX Cargo Bike


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2018 Yuba Mundo LUX Cargo Bike

The Mundo LUX is the Minivan of cargo bikes. Comfortably hauls 3 kiddos, groceries and the family pet. Added safety features like disc brakes and bright LED lights make this the perfect family bike for any growing family. This full-sized cargo bike is ready to carry anything life throws at you with ease and style.

The Mundo LUX is our super sturdy minivan on two wheels. Frame and fork are forged from chromoly steel, which keeps the bike solid as ever but shaves off five pounds from the finished weight. Reinforced 1.5 inch head tube adds confidence to the ride and hydraulic brakes to allow you to stop on a dime, no matter how loaded down you may be. Parents love all the safety features such as LED lights powered by a front dynamo-powered, sturdy center stand, and full coverage wheelskirts, all standard.