Demo FAQ

Do you have a helmet I can borrow?

Sorry! We are not equipped with any loaner gear. Our shop can provide the right size of innertube and either Shimano, Crank Bros. or platform pedals based on limited a availability. We recommend bringing your own helmet, pedals, hydration system, tools, and proper riding attire.

Do I need a reservation?

No. However, during some parts of the year our bikes can be in high demand so we always recommend calling a few days in advance and reserving the bike that you want. 

How much does it cost?

Demo mountain bikes are $75.00 for 24 hours. The good news is all demo fees are applied toward the purchase of a frame or bike!

Do you guys require a deposit?

Yes. Cal Coast Bicycles requires valid ID and a credit card with sufficent funds available to cover the price of the bike you choose to demo (in most cases your bank will hold these funds for a few days). The prices vary greatly, so be sure to ask one of our associates about the cost of the bike you are interested in.

Am I responsible for this bike?

Yes. You will be held liable for any damages that occur, so be careful! We are not a rental agency and unfortuantly do not offer insurance on any of our bikes.

We are available 7 days a week to set up your reservation or to answer any other questions you may have. 619-281-7433